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Things That Kids Can Do To Help


     Every single day more than 38,000 animals are used to test cosmetics, toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo, and household detergents and cleaners.  The most common test is called the Draize test where products are put directly into the animals’ eyes and technicians record the effects.  The "Lethal Dose" test measures the amount of a product it takes to kill part of a group of animals forced to eat it.  THESE TESTS ARE NOT REQUIRED BY LAW, but some companies continue to use them to protect themselves from future lawsuits.

     Companies that don’t use animals use human volunteers to test their products.  This makes more sense because rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and other small animals are not like people at all so there’s no guarantee that their reactions will be similar.  More than 500 companies have already given up animal testing.

     Use only cruelty-free products – check the labels before you buy.  You can also write to PETA, 501 Front Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23510 for free lists of hundreds of cruelty-free companies or see who does anddoes not test on animals by clicking here.  Share the list with your friends.

     If you have cruel products in your home, ask your parents if you can mail them back to the companies that made them (try sending them C.O.D. which means the receiver pays the postage).  Some companies will send you a refund.   Here’s a sample letter:

Proctor & Gamble Co.
P.O. Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear President,

     I am returning this bottle of Tide detergent because I find it unsatisfactory now that I know your company uses animal tests.  Until you stop testing on animals, my family won’t buy any more Proctor & Gamble products.  Instead, we will buy cruelty-free cleaning products.  Please send me a full refund, and please stop testing on animals.

Very disappointed,

[your name]

     Be a positive nuisance.  A teenager from New York spent a day handing out leaflets in front of a store that sold perfume that had been tested on animals.  By six that evening, the manager had pulled the perfume from the shelves!


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