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     Current city law allows carriage horses to endure unspeakable living and working conditions.  After a hard day’s work, the horses return to spaces too cramped to even lie down or turn around.  To reach them, horses must climb steep ramps in wooden buildings with substandard fire protection.  They are forced to work 7 days a week, 9 hours a day and may be kept standing for extended periods of time on hot asphalt without shade.   Current statutes allow horses to be worked in brutal heat (up to 90 degrees) and oppressive cold (as low as 18 degrees).  No consideration is given to the heat/humidity index.  Horse stalls are poorly ventilated in summer, oppressively cold in winter.  Horses may be trotted out beyond Central Park into the congestion, exhaust fumes, noise and pedestrian traffic of midtown and the theater district.   Horses have collapsed, bolted, or died.

     Please send a polite e-mail or letter asking the New York City Council Speaker, Peter Vallone, to enact carriage horse reform now.

E-mail Speaker Vallone.

Print out a letter to mail to speaker Vallone.

E-mail this page to friends who will help.

For more detailed information on this campaign contact ASPCA.ORG.

Please sign the petition here

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