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"One can do much.  And one and one and one and one can move mountains. ~ Joan Ward-Harris

CAT Programs – 2002

Founded in January, 2002, CAT quickly set goals, mobilized and worked successfully on a number of programs to help fulfill its mission.

In February, 2002, CAT obtained Executive Department approval to celebrate Spay Day at two NYCHA Developments – Marlboro Houses in Brooklyn and Washington-Lexington Houses in Manhattan. The Center for Animal Care and Control generously donated its resources to spay/neuter, innoculate, and microchip the companion animals of residents for free.

As a result, approximately 25 dogs and cats can no longer contribute to the overpopulation problem in New York City and our residents received an important service since NYCHA’s new pet policy requires animals to be neutered and innoculated.
The event was so successful that it was later repeated at Ocean Bay Houses in the Rockaways where an additional 15 animals received the service. CAT members handled all of the coordination between NYCHA and the CACC, took resident appointments, sent out pre- and post-op instructions and assisted at all three locations.

In March, CAT sponsored a vegan lunch at 90 5th Avenue to celebrate the Great American Meat-out. CAT members cooked delicious, cruelty-free dishes which were made available free of charge to NYCHA employees.
Meatout 2002
More than 300 attended and also received free recipe booklets, nutritional information and literature describing what goes on in today’s huge factory farms and the implications for their health, the environment and the animals tortured during meat production.

In June, CAT collaborated with the Community Operations Department to bring the Cage Comforter Program to NYCHA’s Senior Centers city-wide. NYCHA generously provided all of the materials and supplies for this program which recruits volunteers to sew small beds and toys for the animals in New York City’s municipal shelter system.

Approximately 200 seniors at 30 centers in all five boroughs participated. A recognition ceremony was held at the Brooklyn shelter in October where senior representatives from each borough received certificates of appreciation for the 980 beds and more than 1000 toys that they produced during the summer. The seniors were able to place the beds and toys that they made in the cages and the animals did not hesitate to show their appreciation for these wonderful gifts of kindness.

In October, CAT sponsored the first annual "Toys for Pups" drive in recognition of Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month which is celebrated nationally each November.

Despite the fact that the flyer was not seen by many NYCHA employees, more than 250 toys were collected and distributed to municipal shelters in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Also in October, CAT celebrated World Farm Animals Day by hosting a free vegan breakfast attended by more than 100 NYCHA employees. The theme was "Give the Animals a Break on Your Break" and stressed the fact that every time we sit down to eat, we are making a choice and that choice can be one of compassion over killing. Recipe booklets, nutritional information, coupons for vegan food and other goodies were distributed to all who attended.

In December, CAT participated in NYCHA’s annual Holiday Craft fair and raised more than $1000 to pay for programs planned in 2003. All items were hand-made or donated by CAT members and friends and the only expense involved was the $30 fee for renting the tables.
CAT Fair 2002
We are very excited that the fair was so successful since we have big plans for 2003. These include the following:

  • A celebration of National Tag Day in April in which we will provide free identification tags for companion animals of NYCHA employees.
  • Donation of enrichment packages to Chimp Sanctuaries in Florida and Washington. These sanctuaries are home to animals who served humans in biomedical research, in the space program and in the entertainment industry. After years of confinement in barren cages, some have made it to these wonderful havens that are struggling to fulfill their needs. Their wish lists include simple items such as bubbles, balloons, crayons, construction paper, dolls, stuffed toys, purses, make-up, magazines.
  • "Adoption" of a Farm Sanctuary animal. 97% of the animal abuse in this country is against farm animals who are not subject to animal cruelty laws because they are considered agricultural produce, not sentient beings. Not all CAT members are vegetarians, but everyone – especially those who continue to eat flesh – should be concerned with the manner in which animals are raised, transported and killed.
  • "Be Kind to Animals" Poster contest for children at some of NYCHA’s community centers. Working with Community Operations, we plan to present the nationally-recognized humane education program "Share the World" in which kindness to people, animals and the planet is stressed. Children will then be asked to produce posters with the theme – "Be Kind to Animals – They Have Feelings Too!" The posters will be displayed in the lobby of 250 Broadway, spreading the message of kindness. CAT members and Community Operations staff will serve as judges. The first place winner will receive a U.S. Savings Bond. Second and third place winners will receive books with a humane theme and Honorable Mentions will receive certificates.

These are just a few of the programs we have planned and we are anxious to hear your suggestions. Please consider joining us to help improve conditions for animals in New York City and throughout the world.

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